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Luang Namtha Province in Laos has more than you may know about...Beautiful landscapes, wonderful people, nature rich in biodiversity, adventure and delightful cuisine.
Come and discover Ecotourism at its best!

Luang Namtha also needs you! Your presence sends a message to the local people that they, their culture and their natural resources are important and have value.

Your participation in a trekking, mountain bike or kayaking program will not only give the villagers in the forest a significant alternative source of income, you will also be contributing directly to wildlife and forest conservation projects through access permits. Your visit to Luang Namtha sends a message that a forest uncut is more valuable than a cut forest.

In a day and age when climate change is on everyone's minds, we offer you an opportunity for sustainable travel, which helps the environment and helps to benefit the local people. Make your trip a little more carbon neutral.

Your visit will truly make a difference in saving the forest!

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A charming lodge in an exceptional natural setting.

The mists of the ancient forest clear to reveal Muang La Resort, sitting next to a natural hot spring a place of complete rest and relaxation...Discover the lodge

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