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From concept to implementation, our intentions remained firm: The River Resort would be integral to its natural environment. As a result, the native flora and fauna were preserved; all mature indigenous trees were protected, some more than 20 meters in height and more than 100 years old; and to this day they tower over our lush, tropical landscape, inhabited according to local tradition by protective spirits.

We invite our guests to stroll our 3 hectares (30,000 sq. meters) of private verdant Parkland, its pathways lined with bamboo, flowering trees and colorful plants; to gaze upon the lush flowers; and to marvel at the colorful butterflies and dragonflies as they drift and fly amongst our rice paddy and ponds.

We are an eco-friendly Resort and do our best not to damage the environment: we cultivate our rice paddy and vegetable gardens with organic matter from our compost pit; we recycle our non-organic refuse; we use solar-heated hot water in our kitchens; and many of our furnishings are fabricated from ecologically friendly natural bamboo.