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The Nam Ou Riverside Resort is a place for all travellers looking to replenish themselves in all tranquility. A home away from home in luxury!

At Nam Ou Riverside Resort we make sure you have a quality time in comfort and take with you a memorable memories to treasure. All the villas stand by the riverside with its cool breeze blowing gently into your corridors where you can enjoy and admire the beauty of nature.

Nature itself welcomes you into our resort! The chirping of birds as you walk along while at night, sipping a glass of wine with a cool breeze from the river, you will fall in love with all the beauty of night in complete.

We are located 35 minutes drive away from the center of Luang Prabang. Not too far yet not too near from all the noises and crowdedness making the perfect place for you to have your own space and time after your days activities.

The resort is accessible either by Boat or Car.